Monday, November 14, 2011

The Buchtelite Office is hard to find

Being in the basement of the Student Union has its perks.  We get to be away from the world, alone with our thoughts and the news.  We have a great space down here, and it's definitely much appreciated.  However, it also has its downsides.

For example, no one knows where we are.  Absolutely no one.  It's like the Isla de la Muerta from the Pirates movies - you can't find our office unless you've already been here, but you can't be here unless you already know where it is.  Just to be clear, we are located in the Student Union basement, room 51-LL, but we can be pretty difficult to find from inside the Union (especially if you aren't familiar with getting to the basement).

For first timers, I suggest the outdoor entrance.  You'll need to call someone inside to let you in, but if you come during our normal office hours, you should be golden!

Have a swell day,



  1. This is SO true. I tried to find your office last year at this time and I asked everyone and no one could tell me. I finally had to call and inquire exactly where your office was located. This information would have been SO helpful last year! :)

  2. I will be a senior at the end of this semester and this is the first time I was told where the office is. It's like the biggest unknown fact on campus! Could this be an interesting story idea...

  3. why would they put this in a location so difficult?